Influenza Vaccine Information

We have received our initial batch of influenza vaccine for the 2016-2017 season. Influenza vaccine is recommended for everyone starting at six months of age. Vaccinating all members of your family against influenza is the most effective measure we have to help prevent the spread of the disease.

This year, the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics have recommended not to use the nasal vaccine (Flumist,) as the vaccine was found to be ineffective during the past two years. For this reason, Texas Children’s Pediatrics will not be offering the nasal vaccine (Flumist) this year. While we understand the advantage to many people of offering a vaccination that is not given as an injection, we are committed to providing the best care possible for our patients and families.

Please contact your pediatrician’s office if you have any questions.

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